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We found 25 articles on Vayeshev

1. "And Jacob dwelt"

  Rabbi Chiya opens a discussion about the most significant choice that each of us must make, whether to follow the Evil Inclination a force present and persuasive from the moment of human conception or the Good Inclination, which does not express itself until a person...
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2. "These are the generations of Jacob"

  Here follows a discussion of the significance of Joseph as the first-named in the list of "the generations of Jacob." Also, Rabbi Aba comments on the importance of the number seventeen in relation to Jacob and Joseph.   
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3. "For the work of a man shall He pay back to him"¦"

  Rabbi Chiya addresses the problem of why some righteous individuals enjoy prosperity, good health, and happiness, while others endure terrible suffering. The mystery revealed to explain this emphasizes the crucial role of mazal (lit. 'fortune, luck'). Whether sinful or...
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4. "Only he shall not go in to the veil"

  Rabbi Shimon discourses on the spiritual significance of, and the benefits enjoyed by, those who receive their souls from the realm of Malchut when she is defective.   
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5. "Behold, My servant shall prosper"

  In this complex and difficult section, an aspect of the relationship between Zeir Anpin [the upper world] and Malchut [our Lower World] at the time of the latter's creation is revealed, further explaining why the wicked often seem to prosper while the good suffer. The...
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6. "Now Israel loved Joseph"

  Using the story of Joseph and his many-colored coat as an analogy, Rabbi Elazar discusses the spiritually privileged position of the children of Israel and the enmity this inspires in idolatrous nations. We learn that Jacob's love for Joseph over his brothers, and the...
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7. "And Joseph dreamed a dream"

  Rabbi Chiya discusses dreams as a form of divine revelation. Situated beneath Prophecy and Vision in the hierarchy of revelatory experiences, dreams comprise a mixture of truth and falsehood, and serve as an admonition to the dreamer. Once given, the interpretation of...
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8. "And his brothers went to feed"

  This section touches upon the role of providence in the story of Joseph and especially of his sale into slaverysince, when Joseph's brothers sold him, they were in collaboration with the Shechinah.   
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9. "O Jerusalem, built"

  This section begins with a brief discussion of the preordained roles of David and Solomon in the construction of the temple, and then proceeds to address the relationship between the terrestrial Jerusalem and the heavenly Jerusalem. It is, we see, mirrored by the...
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10. "And a certain man found him"

  This section addresses the role of providence in the sale of Joseph to the Egyptians and illustrates our inability to interpret events and their causal relationships as positive or negative, since we are ignorant of their role in God's preordained design.   
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