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We found 8 articles on Bamidbar

1. The counting and the reckoning

  Rabbi Aba speaks about the creation of man, saying that God made him in the image of the higher and the lower ones as the combination of them all. Man was composed of both male and female, and the female side was composed of both Chesed and Judgment. After they sinned...
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2. "Rejoice with Jerusalem"

  Rabbi Elazar begins by saying that God and all His hosts pay attention to whoever speaks the words of the Torah because the Torah is so loved by Him. Whoever performs one precept of the Torah causes it to awaken above; this makes peace above and below. Rabbi Elazar...
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3. The standards

  Rabbi Yehuda talks about the four camps of Yisrael and the twelve tribes and twelve boundaries. He brings into his discussion the four faces in the four corners of the universe, all of which are integrated in man. He tells of the movement of the two standards of Judah...
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4. "Hashem is my light and my salvation"

  Rabbi Pinchas tells us that as soon as God has shone on a person and as soon as the person has gazed on the supreme Light, he no longer has fear of anyone above or below. We hear an explanation of the scripture that says, "Let your father and your mother be glad and...
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5. "Into Your hand I commit my spirit"

  Rabbi Elazar explains that at night the Tree of Death rules in the world and therefore one must deposit his soul with God to keep it safe. During sleep everyone gets a taste of death, until morning comes and the Tree of Life awakens again. Rabbi Yehuda wonders why even...
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6. "His litter, that of Solomon," between north and south

  The rabbis return to their discussion of the standards of the tribes that traveled with the Tent of Meeting. We hear that holy Yisrael will not bless the universe except through the Shechinah. The question arises how Israel could have seen the Shechinah when his eyes...
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7. The sign of unification

  Rabbi Shimon repeats to his son the importance and the mystical meaning of the direction for encircling the altar. Only when this is properly done can a person create the perfect unification.  
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8. The meditation of prayer

  Rabbi Shimon reiterates much of the information in previous sections to do with the consignment of the soul at night and the requirement to give praise to God in the morning. He speaks about entering the synagogue and donning the Tefilin and the Tzitzit and giving...
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study