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We found 21 articles on Prologue

1. The Rose

 The secret of spiritual protection is revealed through a richly metaphorical discourse given by Rabbi Chizkiyah. The Rabbi explains that the spiritual forces that protect and watch over us are called the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.  They are transmitted into our...
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2. The flower buds

 Many spiritual secrets are contained in this next section. The budding and blossoming of a flower reflects the process of creation that unfolds in the Upper World as well as the in Lower World, which is our physical universe. As a seed contains the entire flower, the...
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3. "Who has created these?"

 The Zohar discusses the intricacies of the spiritual process of Creation, and explores mysteries associated with the upper spiritual worlds, the Hebrew letters, and the Patriarchs. The text explains how the incomprehensible and infinite Creator restricted and...
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4. "Who has created these" of Elijah

 Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai describes to his son, Rabbi Elazar, his mystical encounter with Elijah the Prophet (Eliyahu). It was then that the supernal secrets of Creation concealed within the previous section were revealed to the holy Master. The words and sentences of...
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5. The Mother (Ima) lends Her clothes to Her daughter

 The Zohar explains that, during the process of Creation, the Sfirah [level] of Malchut had to borrow vessels from the Upper Level, a realm known as Binah, in order to facilitate the creation of our physical realm. Malchut alone lacked the ability to arouse and draw the...
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6. The letters by Rav Hamnuna Saba

 Individual energy forces, which express themselves as Hebrew letters, came before the Creator requesting that they be the instruments by which the world is created.  The Creator eventually agrees to utilize the letter Bet ב, as this particular letter begins the Hebrew...
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7. The wisdom upon which the world is established

 The Zohar teaches that all Creation occurred through the power of great wisdom. This secret is found in Beresheet, the Hebrew word for Creation. We can now open ourselves to receive true spiritual wisdom in our own lives. 
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8. The lock and the key

 During the process of creation, spiritual forces were unlocked in order to ignite and propel the birth of the universe and the divine worlds. As the Zohar describes the procedure by which these forces were unleashed, we acquire the same power to unlock spiritual forces...
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9. [An Anagram]: BeHibar'am - BeAbraham

(When they were created - with Abraham) The chaotic world became complete and ordered upon the arrival of Abraham for he symbolizes and reveals the Light of Mercy [Chesed]. The Zohar explains that the Light of Mercy personifies sharing, and that it embodies the positive...
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10. The vision of Rabbi Chiya

 Rabbi Chiya is worthy of elevation to the highest spiritual worlds, and to meet with the holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and his son Rabbi Elazar. Rabbi Chiya spends time studying with his great Master in the supernal Academy, where Rabbi Shimon teaches the...
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study