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11. You are My partner

 From this section of the Zohar we learn that our primary purpose in life is to complete and perfect creation through our own spiritual transformation and growth. In addition, Rabbi Shimon implores his students not to share or speak of spiritual wisdom that is not...
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12. The donkey driver

 Rabbi Elazar, the son of Rabbi Shimon, is traveling by donkey with Rabbi Abba, one of the great students of Rabbi Shimon. A lowly donkey driver pushes their donkey from behind in order to help the two Rabbis along in their journey. The donkey driver strikes up a...
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13. The two points

 The Zohar explains the concept of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Within everything in our world, there exist positive and negative aspects. Reading this section gives us the ability to connect to the positive side of existence, while at the same time it...
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14. The night of the Bride

 The Zohar examines the holiday of Shavout (Holiday of the Weeks), when the presence of the Creator enjoins Itself completely to our physical world. Shavout connects us to the original revelation of Light that occurred on Mount Sinai. The union between the presence of...
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15. The heavens and earth

 The Zohar discusses particular forces and beings of darkness that dwell in lower worlds, and that often move within our midst. Much of the turbulence and turmoil of life originates from these entities. The Zohar empowers us to banish not only darkness, but also the...
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16. "As among all the wise men of the nations, and in all

their kingdoms, there is none like You" The mighty spiritual powers of the Creator are often entrusted to the righteous. Thus, Elijah the Prophet and Elisha were given the power to resurrect the dead. Elijah was given the power to stop and start the rain at will....
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17. "Who is this"

 During the night, as we sleep, negative forces attach themselves to our hands. Like magnets, our hands that attract these forces because they carry out negative actions during our waking hours. They manifest the negative thoughts that reside in our hearts and minds....
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18. He who rejoices on festivals, but does not give to the poor

 If a person is joyous over his own lot in life but does not share any portion of it, great judgment can befall him. Moreover, sharing for purposes of recognition and honor is worthless in the Upper Worlds. Genuine sharing involves self-sacrifice and giving of oneself...
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19. Torah and prayer

 The Zohar reveals that the study of Torah connects us to the Tree of Life reality, a realm of pure fulfillment and infinite spiritual Light. This Tree of Life connection, which is achieved by learning Torah, radiates a powerful protective Light. This Light is instantly...
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20. Rabbi Shimon's departure from the cave

 The Zohar recounts the final day that Rabbi Shimon and his son Rabbi Elazar spent in the cave where Rabbi Shimon had buried himself neck deep in the ground for thirteen years, during his learning of the Zohar. Rabbi Shimon at last emerges from the cave, battered and...
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