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We found 22 articles on Vaera

1. "And I appeared...by the name of El Shadai, but by My name, Hashem, I was not known to them"

This passage begins with: “And Elohim spoke to Moses and said to him, ‘I am Hashem, and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as El Shadai.’” Rabbi Aba talks about “Trust in Hashem forever...for Yad Hashem is an everlasting rock,” and we hear many interpretations of this...
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2. Visible and invisible colors

  Rabbi Elazar wonders why in the passage, "And I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob etc.," it says, "And I appeared" rather than "And I spoke." Rabbi Shimon explains the secret of visible and invisible colors. The patriarchs saw the visible colors of El...
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3. The fourelements "“ fire, air, water, earth

  Rabbi Chizkiyah tells us that when man was created he was made from the dust of the Temple of below, and that the four winds of the world Chesed, Gvurah, Tiferet and Malchut became joined there. These four winds joined in the four elements of the world, fire, air,...
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4. "And I will bring you out...and

I will deliver you...and I will redeem you"  Rabbi Yehuda tells us that the exodus from Egypt was the most important part of the events in the title verse; that is why it was mentioned first. But Rabbi Yosi thinks that the best parts are, "and I will deliver you" "...
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5. General and particular

  Rabbi Yosi opens with: "And I shall take you to me as a people and I will be to you as an Elohim and you will know that I am Hashem your Elohim." Rabbi Shimon tells us that the first and most important precept is to know God in the general sense to know that there is...
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6. "But they hearkened not to Moses for anguish of spirit"

  Rabbi Yehuda says "anguish of spirit" means the people did not have enough rest or enough breath. But Rabbi Shimon answers that it means two things, that Binah had not yet released joy so rest and freedom were not yet available; and that Malchut had not yet ruled in...
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7. Voice and speech

  Rabbi Shimon begins with: "Behold the children of Yisrael did not listen to me and how will Pharaoh hearken to me and I have impeded lips?" He says that Zeir Anpin is voice and Malchut is speech or words. Moses was voice but while the people were in exile he had no...
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8. "Be afraid of the sword"

  Rabbi Shimon speaks to Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yosi about the verse, "Be afraid of the sword. For wrath brings the punishment of the sword, that you may know that there is a judgment." He says 'the sword' is "the sword that avenges the revenge of the covenant," in...
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9. "These are the heads of their fathers' houses"

  This section opens with the verse, "And Hashem spoke to Moses and Aaron and commanded them about the children of Yisrael and about Pharaoh the king of Egypt." Rabbi Yosi explains that this means the children of Yisrael were to be led with gentleness and the Pharaoh...
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10. "Know therefore this day, and consider it in your heart"

  Rabbi Elazar opens the discussion, saying: "And you should know today and lay it to your heart (Heb. levavecha) that Hashem is Elohim." Rabbi Shimon says if you really want to understand this and know that Hashem is Elohim, you need to know that the good and evil...
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