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We found 12 articles on Ki Tisa

1. "Then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul"

  We are reminded that heavenly blessings do not accrue to anything that has been counted or numbered, and yet the children of Yisrael were subjected to a census. Yisrael were blessed nonetheless because they were ransomed.  
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2. Half a Shekel

  Rabbi Shimon begins by speaking about the commandment to give half a shekel, and says it is like the Vav placed between the two Heis. The Faithful Shepherd, Moses, then follows with a discussion of the commandment to sanctify the month. He says that the holy moon,...
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3. Sun worship

  At dawn Rabbi Chiya remarks how all the inhabitants of the East are at that moment worshipping the rising sun. He says that from ancient days it was known that before the sun emerges the prince appointed over it goes forth with the holy letters of the Supernal Name...
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4. "The lip of truth shall be established forever"

  We read that the light and radiation from the sun is true, and the stars in the firmament are true; just because in their lack of wisdom people call them 'Elohim', God does not have to destroy the sun and stars. They will not perish, but eventually those that worship...
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5. "Behold, all who were incensed against

you shall be ashamed and confounded"   Rabbi Yosi says that the children of Yisrael suffered many evils when they were in exile, and they were only able to bear it because of the promise of good that God told them was to be theirs in the future. Other nations have...
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6. The Exile goes on

  Rabbi Chiya says that the exile has gone on for a long time, but still the son of David has not come. Rabbi Chiya answers that the pledge that God has guaranteed them enables them to bear their exile; otherwise they would never be able to tolerate it. Although...
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7. "And it shall come to pass in the last days"

  We learn that in the "last days," God will perform both miracles and vengeance for the children of Yisrael. The discussion moves to the Cup of Blessing, that must be raised high; this is alluded to in "And shall be exalted above the hills", and means that the good...
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8. "What are you doing here, Elijah"

  This section tells how God questioned Elijah as to why, after having been so zealous in His service, he was now in hiding. He reminds him that He had, through Moses, given him His Covenant of peace, since Elijah is Pinchas in reincarnation.  
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9. Moses, Aaron and Miriam

  We learn that God sent Moses, Aaron and Miriam to Yisrael to bring them manna, leadership, the law, glory and a well to drink from. Yet even then the children of Yisrael scorned and reviled them.  
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10. "Now therefore let Me alone"

  Rabbi Yosi tells us that God is the most merciful Father of all, for He has never failed one word of all His good promises. Even though God threatened judgment, the Mother, Malchut, held His arm and averted that judgment. We are told that Moses did the same thing for...
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