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1. "And Hashem called to Moses"

  Rabbi Elazar begins by telling us that through the higher letters drawn from Binah and the lower letters drawn from Malchut, the earlier generations gained wisdom in how to manage the activities of the world. They knew how to permutate the letters given to Moses at...
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2. "I came to my garden"

  Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Shimon discuss the title verse and give several explanations for it. Having chosen Yisrael for His own, God wished to separate them from others and to protect them. The very day that the tabernacle was erected on earth, another tabernacle was...
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3. "Eat, O dear ones, and drink; drink deep, O loving companions"

  Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Aba give their interpretations of the verse, but Rabbi Shimon tells them that the secret meaning is that "Eat, O dear ones" refers to those above, and "drink deep, O loving companions" to those below. Those above are Eden, Aba, and the river,...
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4. "The flowers appear on the earth"

  Rabbi Shimon examines, "the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing bird is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land." We learn from this that the Holy Land is blessed from the plantings that God made, and that turtledove (tor) is the Oral...
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5. "Why, when I came, was there no man"

  We are told that when the children of Yisrael perform good deeds, the Holy Name is complete, but when they do not, and when they are punished by exile, that Name is not complete. Even though they are in exile, God is still among them; yet although He comes to the...
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6. "An offering to Hashem"

  As soon as the tabernacle was complete, God rested in it and called out to Moses, informing him that because Yisrael would sin in the future, their tabernacle would be taken away from them. Therefore they must offer sacrifices. Rabbi Chizkiyah and Rabbi Shimon discuss...
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7. "Great is Hashem"

  We learn of the importance of the female to the male, and are told that a man is not even a man without a woman, that a king without a queen is no king, that Hashem is not great without Malchut. When they join, everyone rejoices and the Congregation of Yisrael is...
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8. Whoever is unmarried is defective

  This section says that there are no blessings on a man who has no wife, and his offering is not considered an offering. This is because 'a man' consists of male and female together; otherwise the Shechinah does not dwell on him.  
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9. "If his offering be a burnt sacrifice"

  Rabbi Chiya says that God's thought is the beginning of everything, emanating ways and paths. Just so is man's thought, that emanates ways and paths, including the Evil Inclination and sinful deeds. From Rabbi Shimon we learn that the thought of the burnt offering...
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10. "The virgin of Yisrael is fallen; she shall no more rise"

  Rabbi Yehuda tells us that because she is called Bathsheba, daughter of seven, "the virgin of Yisrael" means a virgin blessed by the seven Sfirot. But he also says that in other verses of lamentation "the virgin" clearly means the Congregation of Yisrael, so Rabbi...
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