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We found 16 articles on Shmini

1. Man was created by the Torah

  Rabbi Yitzchak says that the children of Yisrael are blessed because God gave them the Torah, and that man was created by the Torah. Rabbi Chiya says that the Written Torah and the Oral Torah preserve man in the world. Rabbi Shimon tells how the Bet (the initial letter...
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2. Zion and Jerusalem

  We learn that blessings come out to everyone from Zion and that Jerusalem is blessed for the sake of Zion. When Jerusalem is blessed, all the people are blessed. We are reminded that the rainbow alludes to judgment and that one should not judge others. When one's...
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3. How many messengers the Holy One, blessed be He, has

  We learn that God uses even the beasts of the fields as His messengers to fulfill His mission. He also sets the righteous to punish the wicked, but no wicked person of Yisrael punishes another except by accident. When God gives quietness to a man, no one is authorized...
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4. "And it came to pass on the eighth day"

  Rabbi Elazar tells of the supernal oil, the abundance of Chochmah in Binah, that flows to the seven Sfirot, and how those seven lamps (the Sfirot) are lit from it. The discussion turns on the seven days in "And you shall not go out from the door of the Tent of Meeting...
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5. "And Aaron took him Elisheba"

  Rabbi Elazar says that Elisheba was destined for Aaron and Bathsheba was destined for David from the time the world was created. Bathsheba is from the aspect of judgment and Elisheba is from the aspect of mercy. Rabbi Shimon speaks about the inner meaning of the sound...
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6. "Do not drink wine or strong drink"

  Rabbi Yehuda begins by saying that Nadab and Abihu were under the influence of wine when the priests were warned not to drink. Rabbi Chiya wonders why priests are forbidden wine when it creates such joy. Rabbi Shimon says that wine makes one joyful at first but sad...
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7. "And Elohim created the great crocodiles"

  The boy, Yissa, speaks about Binah, the source from which the soul of the first man was created and from which all waters flow to provide sustenance for all. We read other interpretations of "the living creature that moves," and find that the birds, that are the...
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8. Stout trunks and apple trees

  Rabbi Yehuda tells how the Congregation of Yisrael needs support in her exile, and the true support is from the grade of the righteous.  
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9. The preserved wine

  We learn from Rabbi Yitzchak that the wine of below depends on the wine above; the World to Come, Binah, is the source of all the living beings above and below and the place where the preserved wine rests. Any wine that is made by or touched by an idolater is defiled...
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10. "But he who exacts gifts overthrows it"

  The youth tells how God established the world by Justice through Jacob, but it was overthrown by Esau, who did not tithe and was a man who exacted graft. All his life long, David tried to combine Malchut with Zeir Anpin; then Solomon came and united them, and at that...
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