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We found 23 articles on Kedoshim

1. "You shall be holy"

   Rabbi Elazar begins by saying that on the day of heavenly judgment people will be found defective because they did not pay any attention to the Torah. He adds that it is forbidden to associate with people who lack the Faith. And as for those who are not in a state of...
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2. "O land of buzzing wings"

   Rabbi Yitzchak says that when God created the world He wanted to reveal matters of depth from among concealed matters, and so light came forth from darkness, evil came forth from good, Judgment came from Mercy, all were intermingled and interdependent. Thus when the...
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3. "You shall be holy"

   Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya say that the words of Torah are superior to all sacrifices, and even one who has had a judgment decreed against him can have his penalty canceled because of his study of Torah. Healing is found in the Torah, and its function is to purify...
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4. "You shall revere every man his mother, and his father"

   Rabbi Yosi says that whoever fears their mother and father observes the Shabbat. He wonders why the mother is mentioned first, and Rabbi Shimon explains that the mother does not have the power to instill fear that the father does, therefore she is mentioned first....
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5. "A son honors his father"

   We hear about how a disobedient son can be forced to obey his parents, and what the punishment is if he does not. The mixture of evil inside a son can cause him to disobey, just as the children of Yisrael disobeyed God. The good servant or son stems from Metatron and...
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6. A firstborn son

   Rabbi Shimon says that the brothers of a firstborn son are obligated to honor him because he is the eldest. He talks about being the child of God in the level of all three worlds Briyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah.  
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7. "Then you may appoint a king over you"

   Rabbi Shimon continues speaking to Moses, the Faithful Shepherd, talking about Moses' elevation in the levels of kingship. He says that Moses will be leader of Yisrael and bind them all into one knot with God so that they may all bless and sanctify Him.  
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8. Adam had nothing of this world

   Rabbi Shimon talks about the three partners in the creation of Adam and man God, father, and mother. Before Adam sinned he was clothed with light, but when he sinned he became dark and was clothed with skin. We hear how men were created below on earth after Enoch...
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9. "The woman whom You did give to be with me"

   Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Shimon talk about the creation of Eve, and how she was separated from the attachment that she had to Adam. In this way she became his help mate.  
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10. It is forbidden for a man to look at a woman's beauty

   Rabbi Shimon says that the souls of Adam and Eve came from such a high place that no one could look at their great light and beauty. Only after they sinned was Adam even able to look at Eve and recognize her for the purpose of mating. We learn that men should not...
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