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1. "The sons of Aaron"

  We learn that when God commanded the people to purify themselves He made the same admonition to the priests, the sons of Aaron. Rabbi Yehuda speaks about the light of God that is stored up for the righteous in the World to Come, but that is hidden from the wicked. We...
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2. When a man is about to go to that world

The Zohar give us description what happens when a peson is about to leave this world.   
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3. Running down upon the head, running down upon the beard

The Zohar explains the flow from Binah. The work of the Kohanim, and that they have to stay pure.  
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4.  The secret of the candelabra

  We learn why only the priest is permitted to arrange and light the lamps in the Temple.  ×¨×¢×™× מהימנא  
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5. "and for his sister a virgin"

  We are reminded of the destruction of Jerusalem, and of how God will exact vengeance against the children of Edom who destroyed it.  
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6. "They shall not make baldness on their head"

  Rabbi Yosi tells us why the priest below must be without any blemish.  
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7. "for seven days shall he consecrate you"

  This section correlates the seventy years of exile with the seven days of consecration and the seven Sfirot. Rabbi Aba says that the High Priest above blemishes the supernal Hei if the High Priest below blemishes the lower Hei.  
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8. "Hashem, righteousness belongs to You"

  Rabbi Aba says that Yisrael is blessed because God gave them the Torah of Truth. He tells us that Righteousness is truth, overall light, the illumination of the countenance and the joy of all. Confusion, the Other Side, is shame and the departure of truth. The high...
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9. "And he shall take a wife in her virginity"

  Rabbi Shimon speaks about the verse, "and, lo, he has laid accusing speeches...and they shall fine him a hundred shekels of silver... because he has brought out an evil name upon a virgin of Yisrael."  
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10. "He has given food to those who fear Him"

  Rabbi Shimon says that God gives sustenance to the righteous, who are of His household. Anyone who rises at midnight to study Torah is considered to be part of His household, and will inherit the earth.  
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