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We found 52 articles on Idra Raba

1. The foreword to the Idra Raba

  Rabbi Shimon tells the friends what he wishes to reveal to them and invites them to a new understanding. He is anguished over the question of whether to reveal secrets, until Rabbi Aba reassures him that the friends all fear God. Rabbi Shimon tells the rabbis that this...
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2. "And these are the kings"

  Rabbi Shimon begins by saying that the friends are blessed and that to them are revealed the inner secrets of the Torah that have not even been revealed to the angels. The topic at hand here is the mention of the kings of Edom that reigned before the children of...
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3. The most ancient among the ancients

  Rabbi Shimon tells what the Hidden Book revealed about the most ancient among the ancients, and of how the illuminating light of the whiteness of the skull in the head of Arich Anpin is the legacy of the righteous in the World to Come.  
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4. The skull

  Rabbi Shimon describes the skull of Arich Anpin in which are 130 million worlds, and he describes the flow of dew to Zeir Anpin and by which the dead wake up in the World to Come. He talks about that dew that sustains the Supreme Holy Ones and about the manna that...
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5. Membrane of air and the concealed brain

  We learn about the membrane that covers the brain that is the concealed Chochmah of Arich Anpin. The brains of Zeir Anpin spread out to 32 paths because the membrane is detached from Him.  
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6. Pure wool

  Rabbi Shimon talks about the thousands of groups of hairs in the skull of the head, every strand of which glows in 410 worlds. A well spring glows and flows from these strands to the strands of Zeir Anpin, and the brain of Zeir Anpin gets constructed from these, after...
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7. The will of the forehead

  The forehead of the skull of Arich Anpin is described as being the will of all wills, or desire, and Rabbi Shimon says that when this forehead is revealed the prayers of Yisrael are accepted. Of all his students only Rabbi Elazar seems to know that this happens during...
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8. The opening of the eyes

  Rabbi Shimon says that the eyes of the white head are different from other eyes in that they have no membrane cover and no eyelid, because they never sleep. Everything that comes down on us with compassion has no cover over the eye. We hear a description of the three...
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9. The nose

  This section describes the nose of Arich Anpin, from which emanates life, the light of life of the resurrection of the dead, and the spirit of life called forgiveness that blows to Zeir Anpin. Rabbi Yosi informs us that during the time of Messiah all people will know...
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10. The thirteen Corrections (formations) of the beard

  Rabbi Shimon tells what he learned in the Hidden Book about the most hidden and concealed precious supreme beard of Arich Anpin; that beard is the universal faith within which flow thirteen springs. He describes the thirteen Corrections (formations) of the beard. The...
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