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We found 36 articles on Lech Lecha

1. "Hearken to me, you stout-hearted"

  There are people in our world who are hardhearted, stubborn, and set in their evil and selfish ways. The Zohar describes these people as refusing to change the negative aspects of their natures. They seek not to embrace the path of spiritual transformation and the...
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2. Upon what the world exists

  The Zohar discusses our ignorance concerning the pillars that sustain our world, the unseen spiritual forces that give rise to all existence. The Zohar then focuses on another concept concerning the power of midnight. Great importance is attached to spiritual study...
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3. "Now Hashem said to Abram"

  There is a unique process of preparation that a soul undergoes prior to entering our physical realm. This process consists of promises and commitments made by the soul to the Creator. The soul pledges to embrace the spiritual path of change through Torah and Kabbalah...
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4. "...and they left with them from Ur of the Chaldeans"

  The Zohar examines a flickering flame wedded to the wick of a lit candle. Interestingly, a simple wick is able to generate a dazzling flame. Likewise, a simple action on the part of mankind, a single desire to change our ways is all that is required to set aflame the...
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5. "Get you out," for your sake

  All the supernal forces that govern the various countries and cities of our world are brought to light by the Zohar. Abraham masters the knowledge concerning all these diverse metaphysical intelligences that rule and administer over the cosmos. However, the Creator...
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6. "And I will make of you a great nation," part one

  All the blessings that Abraham received are explained in the following section of the Zohar. Abraham received these blessings because he let go of his own ego and completely surrendered to the Creator.   
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7. "And from the wicked their light is withheld"

  When one behaves in a negative manner, he immediately disconnects himself from the Light of the Creator. Moreover, negative deeds also block and prevent an individual from receiving any spiritual Light from the righteous souls who are in this world to share their...
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8. "And I will make of you a great nation," part two

  At every beginning, at every opening, within every seed-level moment, there are dark forces present whose sole objective is to taint, negatively influence, and curse all that will come after. The Zohar reveals the process by which we can break these curses and remove...
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9. "So Abram departed, as Hashem had spoken to him"

  It's explained that every man has angels who accompany him everywhere, recording every single action and deed, large and small. The Final Day of Judgment is then spelled out by the Zohar, The angels come forth during this time and present a list of all our actions,...
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10. "And Abram took Sarai his wife"¦"

  When a person influences another individual in a positive way, that measure of positive influence is credited for all eternity. Moreover, when the second individual utilizes that same positive influence to then affect others, the positive energy generated is also...
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