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We found 9 articles on Vayelech

1. Moses, Aaron and Miriam

  Rabbi Chizkiyah talks about God's desire for Yisrael and His special treatment of them. We learn that Moses, Aaron and Miriam had higher gifts, and that Aaron was the right arm of Moses. During Moses' lifetime Yisrael ate manna or heavenly bread, but as soon as Joshua...
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2. Moses is the rule of the sun, Joshua of the moon

  Rabbi Chizkiyah tells us how the people were led by the sun itself, Zeir Anpin, during Moses' lifetime, but after his death they were led by the moon, Malchut, as the moon was the aspect of Joshua. Next the topic turns to the difficulty of matching people with those...
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3. "From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs"

  Rabbi Shimon talks about those people who pay no attention to the glory of God and who have no interest in becoming holy. He says that Malchut is ready and available to praise God after midnight every night. Prior to that the wicked prosecutors go about in the world...
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4. There are three who testify

  Rabbi Aba and Rabbi Yitzchak discuss the witnesses that bear testimony about Yisrael, and we learn that they are the well of Isaac, the lottery, the stone that Joshua placed and the song of praise that God taught Moses just before his death.   
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5. Song and poem

  The matter of Moses' song is examined in great detail, and we are reminded that the song was meant to testify against Yisrael later when they transgressed the laws of God. Rabbi Shimon clarifies which is the most valuable and important song ever written, since the...
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6. "Because I will call on the name of Hashem;

ascribe greatness to our Elohim"  Rabbi Shimon tells us that people have to arrange their praise to God in a certain way so that the glory can be raised upward and the blessings can be drawn downward; then they need to create the bond of Faith in order to unify the...
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7. Answering Amen

  Rabbi Yehuda says that the person who says the 'Amen' is even greater than the person who makes the blessing because the 'Amen' draws blessings from the fountain of Binah. There follows a long discussion of the importance of the 'Amen'.  
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8. The openings of the Garden of Eden and the openings of Gehenom

  We learn about the fate of those who do not say 'Amen' with their whole heart. It is said that there is a corresponding opening for each gate in the Garden of Eden to a gate in Gehenom. The lowest chamber of Gehenom is described as Hell and Destruction, and those who...
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9. The song of the well

  We learn that song draws blessings from above downward until they are available in all the worlds, and that the children of Yisrael are destined to proclaim the song both from below upward and from above downward. In this way they will connect a bond of Faith and...
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The Ari's Prayer Before Zohar Study