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We found 19 articles on Toldot

1. "And these are thegenerations of Isaac"

 Rabbi Chiya leads us to an understanding of the relationship between The Creator and the Torah. We learn how the world is maintained by Torah study, and why it is man's supreme duty to continue this study. Rabbi Yitzchak and Rabbi Yehuda explain the significance of the...
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2. "AndIsaac was forty years old"

  We learn that Rivkah, because she was "like the rose among thorns,"thorns," countervails the harsh judgments of Abraham and Isaac. Next, Rabbi Yitzchak teaches the inner meaning of the marriage of Isaac to Rivkah, how she represents his opposite, and how their union...
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3. "AndIsaac entreated..."

  We are instructed in the prayer and spiritual actions practiced by Isaac in order for the child Jacob to be born. We see also how The Creator responded to Yitzchak's entreaties. This discussion enlightens us about the structure of prayer, and of how the prayers of the...
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4. "And thechildren struggled together within her" (A)

  Here we explore the relationship of Jacob to Esau. We are shown Esau's identification with the serpent, and the necessity of Jacob to deal with this evil in order transform Holy Yisrael into the chosen part and portion of The Creator. Jacob's battles with Esau are a...
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5. The feast of the righteous in the future to come

  Here the Rabbis discuss the shape of things to come the time when theThe Creator will raise the dead. The discussion first centers on the physical nature of this event, then explores the question of the soul's place in heaven, along with its movement into a new body...
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6. The combining of the attribute of Mercy with Judgment

  The discussion continues to explore the uniting of Jacob and Rivkah. It evolves toward a more complete understanding, explaining the more subtle meanings that arise from this combination of Malchut (an aspect of judgment) and Binah (an aspect of mercy). The Rabbis...
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7. "And the children struggled together within her" (B)

  The story of Esau and Jacob is illuminated using an analogy with man's body and internal organs. The "children struggling together within her" refers to the brain and heart. Their struggle for primacy between these two is metaphorically expressed in Esau's selling...
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8. The gathering of the exiles and the resurrection of the dead

The Rabbis, here, discuss the timing of the Resurrection after the coming of Messiah. Using Torah verses, they demonstrate that it is possible to tell the difference between the timing of the Resurrection of the righteous from that of the good. We're told that the evil...
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9. "And the boys grew... for he relished his venison"

  The discussion moves to a more profound understanding of the metaphor of Esau as a hunter. Even in the womb, Jacob was drawn to The Creator, while Esau was drawn to idolatry. As a cunning hunter, Esau stole the minds of men and led them astray so that they would rebel...
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10. "And Jacob cooked a pottage..."

  Rabbi Shimon discourses on the character of Jacob, and the fact that Esau despised his birthright. The Torah tells us that Isaac bestowed numerous blessings upon his son Jacob, all the while thinking it was Esau. Although Isaac did not know Esau's evil side, this was...
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