Beha'alot'cha: Chapter 7

The Name of Ayin-Bet (72) letters


Rabbi Aba uses three verses beginning with "and the angel of Elohim, who went before the camp of Yisrael, removed..." to show how the 72 letters in each verse allude to the Name of Ayin-Bet, 72. When the letters are in direct order they point to mercy and when they are in reverse order they point to judgment. The Holy Name of 72 is passed on in these verses in which the Patriarchs are included, and we read about the joining of the left, right and Central Columns in the secret of Faith. The task of the construction of the Holy Name is made known through the uniting of the Patriarchs. The ways to judgment, to mercy, to help, to kindness, to awe, to Torah, to life, to death, to good and to bad are found with this Name of 72.