Safra Det'zniuta: Chapter 1

First Chapter


Rabbi Shimon says that the Concealed Book consists of five chapters, contained in a great chamber, that fill the entire earth. However, only one who has entered wisdom and come out from it in peace can see the entire wisdom in that book. He tells a parable to illustrate his point about one who grasps the generality of wisdom but does not know the delights and delicacies that derive from that generality. The Concealed Book weighs on scales, the great scales at the head of Atik that balance all things. We learn of the death of the ancient kings and the earth having been made void at that time, and of the 6,000 years that the world exists. Though the ancient world was destroyed in twelve hours the thirteenth will be established with mercy and be renewed as before. During the seventh millennium, "Hashem alone shall be exalted on that day." Rabbi Shimon compares the first vision of Ezekiel to the first verses of Beresheet that tell the story of creation. The essence of all the Sfirot in this context are brought into the discussion. The Concealed Book tells of the creation of things in a way that is hidden to the common man; warning is given against anyone who would try to tell of it without understanding. But the righteous is the foundation of the world, and there is wisdom in righteousness which is vital to the structure of the world.