Safra Det'zniuta: Chapter 2

Second Chapter


Here the Beard of Faith is explained. This beard is not mentioned in the Torah, being too precious to be spoken of there; all thirteen of its characteristics are outlined here. There are thirteen springs, nine of which flow down to water the body, Zeir Anpin - the other four are guarded and do not flow down. In the month of Tishrei, these thirteen features are in the upper world, Binah, and the thirteen gates of Mercy open there. The movement of the letters Yud Hei Vav Hei are described as they pertain above in the head of Arich Anpin and below in Zeir Anpin. This is followed by the seven features of the Skull of Zeir Anpin, that was formed from the air (the light of Chassadim from Aba) and a spark (the light of Gvurot from Ima). These features are the dew of two colors, three spaces of engraved letters, the hairs over the ears, a non-luminous forehead, eyes of three colors, the nose with three flames, and the ears curved level to hear good and evil. We hear an explanation of the difference between "I" and "He" as written in verses like, "I am Hashem, that (lit. 'He') is My name"; "He" is used for one who is hidden and not present, who is not visible to the eye, who has no name. This section closes with the statement that Yisrael Saba and Tevunah, which are Binah, are called 'Mother'.