Vayak'hel: Chapter 10

The intent of prayer


Rabbi Shimon is speaking about the secret of prayer, that when a man devotes his heart and will to prayer, he amends the supernal amendment. We hear of the parts of the prayer, the benedictions, the sitting and the standing. Then we are told that when the High Holy King, Zeir Anpin, reaches for Malchut and they embrace in a kiss, one may ask for any request. During the last three benedictions a man should wish with all his heart and will that the people on earth will be blessed from those three benedictions of the secret bliss of union. If a man prays properly, he is bundled in the bundle of life in this world and in the. Then God calls him "peace." Later when he passes away from this world his soul goes up and cleaves all the firmaments, he enters in, and thirteen mountains of pure balm are opened before his soul. Rabbi Shimon says this is why a man is happy who puts his heart and will into prayer. Rabbi Yosi says that understanding is superior to wisdom because wisdom is contained in the heart, that is found in Malchut, but a man of understanding exists both above and below, and understands himself and others.