Vayak'hel: Chapter 14

The additional soul


We are told that Malchut is the lowest point, and when it emerges on Shabbat night it expands along with its lights and spreads its wings over the world to protect it. Then another spirit of Neshamah is added to each person, and joy replaces sorrow and wrath. Ruach descends, washes itself in perfumes from the Garden of Eden, and rests upon the holy nation. Sixty Chariots descend with it when it goes down to the Garden of Eden. The Ruach is the secret of Shabbat that dwells below, and since it joins in the pleasures and delights of Yisrael on that day, it should be given pleasure in food and drink. During the other six days it is gladdened by the supernal spirit of the Ancient of Ancients, and on the Shabbat it takes pleasure from the body in the meal of faith. Rabbi Shimon explains that every Nefesh of Yisrael is adorned on Shabbat by the crown of the Ruach that dwells inside them. When Shabbat leaves and the Ruach goes up, the Nefesh feels sorrow for what it lost. We read of the reason for performing marital duties on Shabbat nights; Rabbi Shimon explains the difference between intercourse on that night and intercourse the rest of the week and in the daytime - on this night a holy superior Ruach descends into the holy children.