Vayak'hel: Chapter 15

The safe-keeping on Shabbat


When the spirit of Ruach rests upon the world it protects all Yisrael from harm, from evil spirits and prosecutors. Rabbi Shimon says that on the eve of the fourth day one should be careful of the Other Side, for curses and maledictions exist when the moon is not full; therefore a man should not go out alone. On Shabbat eve the evil ones disperse to a hole in the ground, but a person should still be careful in case they see him on their way to the hole or in case he is harmed by the mere sight of them. Still, there is protection, because when Shabbat enters, everyone from Yisrael is given an additional Neshamah. The tabernacle of peace, Binah, is also spread over the people to protect them. When the people come to pray in the synagogue the higher and lower worlds are happy together; this day is the day of the soul.