Vayak'hel: Chapter 22

The Supernal Spirit


Rabbi Yitzchak says that the additional Neshamah gladly descends on man on the Shabbat to gladden his Nefesh. As man is given pleasure, which is the spirit, and gives it pleasure, so will he have enjoyment in the World to Come. Rabbi Aba is happy with this explanation. He says that he saw today the three high luminaries that shine upon this world and the World to Come, and they are the three rabbis, Rabbi Chiya, Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Yitzchak. He says all these utterances will go up before the holy throne and be taken by the chief minister Metatron who will turn them into crowns for his master. As the sun has set, the four rabbis go to a village and sleep, then arise at midnight to study the Torah. Rabbi Aba says this is the time when God and all the righteous in the Garden of Eden listen to the voice of the righteous on earth.