Vayak'hel: Chapter 34

Mentioning the exodus from Egypt


Rabbi Shimon tells us that the upper and lower worlds could not be joined while the Shechinah was in exile. He speaks of the freedom of Malchut now united with Zeir Anpin. During the exile of the children of Yisrael the Shechinah always remained with them, but when she left the exile she asked God to redeem her four times (against the four exiles) so she would be free; she was thus redeemed four times by the Exodus. Therefore the four redemptions are repeated in the prayers, before and after "You have been the help of our fathers," to make them fortified and lasting. Lastly, Rabbi Shimon mentions the initiated who behold the holiness of their Master, saying that the mystery of surrendering the soul to one's Master is very important.