Vayak'hel: Chapter 38

"let your eyes be on the field that they reap"


Rabbi Yehuda reads the title verse from the book of Ruth. We are told that Boaz the judge of Yisrael saw Ruth's humility since she looked only in front of her, and he praised her eyes. He saw that she brought prosperity, for the more she gleaned, the more there was to glean in that field. Boaz saw that the Holy Spirit was upon her, and her eyes gave blessings. Now we are told of another explanation, where Boaz saw that many kings and rulers were destined to issue from her; the kings are like eyes because the eyes lead the body. Now we hear that 'the field' being reaped is Zion and Jerusalem, for the eyes that will issue from her shall rule in that field where the Torah is received. "And when you are thirsty" means that if you desire to be attached to a man and raise a seed you should "go to the vessels" who are the righteous, the vessels of Hashem - only God makes use of these vessels.