Naso: Chapter 15

"In this way you shall bless"


Rabbi Yitzchak says that the one who gives the blessing must do so with fear, with humility and with holiness. He talks about righteousness and "a great plague" that awakens judgments. The priest should give his blessings on Malchut with mercy and he should perfume her for the sake of the children of Yisrael so that no judgments will exist in her. Rabbi Yitzchak says that Daniel when he saw the vision was not afraid and he was not a prophet, and yet he was holier than the prophets. We hear Rabbi Yehuda's teaching about what happens when the priest stands up and spreads his hands for the blessing. We are told that every priest who raises his palms needs to become holier through one who is sanctified, the Levite, in order to add holiness to holiness, and that the Levite must first sanctify himself. Everyone should seek knowledge from the priest, who must know the Torah and who is a messenger from God.