Naso: Chapter 5

A wife suspected of adultery (Sota)


This section talks about the unfaithful wife, who has trespassed against the Congregation of Yisrael and also against her husband, and therefore against Malchut and Zeir Anpin. We learn why the woman is taken to the priest, not for judgment but only for testing by means of water and the Holy Name. Rabbi Elazar wonders why people do not pay attention to the Torah, and Rabbi Shimon tells about how God brought the people to the waters of Marah to test them to see if they had become defiled with the Egyptians. After they were acquitted the Holy Name rested with them. The rabbis talk about dust and about the bitter water and the holy sea. They talk about the consequences to the wife of having been found faithful or guilty. We hear of how important it is for a woman to keep her hair covered so that the whole family will be blessed.

[Verse 81] Elijah continues the discussion about the laws of sota and about the jealousy of the evil inclination He says that when Yisrael desecrates the Torah God sends them into exile, through which experience they become cleansed and purified and refined. At the last redemption Yisrael will be tested like they were at the waters of Marah. Elijah says that in the future the children of Yisrael will leave the exile with mercy because they will taste from the Tree of Life that is the book of the Zohar.