Pinchas: Chapter 104

The hind of dawn


Rabbi Aba brings up the difficulty that in the verse "As the hart pants after the water brooks," "hart" is masculine and yet the verb, which should agree with the noun, is feminine. Rabbi Shimon then talks about the hind of the dawn, that refers to the merciful Malchut who brings nourishment for everyone else. The hind suffers the pangs of exile in the morning, and when the morning brings light she is no longer visible. Rabbi Shimon speaks about the hind becoming a hart and giving birth with great pain.

[Verse 701] We hear about the number of years before the hind will give birth to the redemption, and we hear that two Messiahs will be revealed to the world. Then the Torah sages who suffered pangs as though they were in labor will be respected and honored, and the wicked will be judged above and below.