Pinchas: Chapter 113



We learn that the Torah depends on the river issuing forth from Eden.

[Verse 767] Moses says that Yisrael is the firstfruits for God of all the nations in the world. He tells us that Vav is the river that comes out of Eden, and that when the river comes out then all the secrets of the Torah also come out. Moses talks about the six Sfirot that are called the primordial years of the creation of the world; because the six Sfirot preceded the world and all the creatures, they are called firstfruits. Man is called the firstborn son after the name of the sign of the covenant that is Yud. Lastly the Faithful Shepherd tells us that the Torah is called 'glory' and anyone who studies Torah is called a king.

[Verse 775] Rabbi Shimon explains the meaning of "lift up your heads, O you gates." We learn that God sanctifies all the festivals and makes sure that all the hosts of heaven become sanctified along with the children of Yisrael, in one unity.