Pinchas: Chapter 12

"Wine makes glad the heart of man...the cypress trees are her house"


The "wine" is said to be the Torah, but we are told that the secrets of the Torah should be disclosed only to those who fear God. The red and white colors of the wine are said here to be Judgment and Mercy. It is significant that certain commandments and blessings are performed with wine. "The heart of man" means two hearts, that of Binah and that of Malchut, and we read the numerology of the words, letters and vowels associated with this lesson. Next Rabbi Elazar asks his father how Nadab and Abihu could have reincarnated into Pinchas when he was already alive at the time of their deaths. Rabbi Shimon replies that both Nadab and Abihu died childless so they were not fit for the priesthood. When Pinchas saw the tribe of Shimon coming after him his soul fled out of him in terror; then the unamended souls of Nadab and Abihu joined with his soul and all returned to his body. After this he deserved the priesthood. Rabbi Shimon explains God's command to hang the chiefs up against the sun to demonstrate that everyone must make amends in his soul on the same level at which he sinned. Rabbi Shimon talks for a long time about the sustenance that is provided for the righteous.


This passage is a well of wisdom that runs unfathomably deep, capable of producing innumerable volumes of medical journals if all of its secrets were unraveled and translated to written word.

As the Zohar speaks of the importance of wine - red and white - and the gladness of heart that wine provides, one cannot help but notice the similarity to the blood coursing through our veins, and to our heart, which pumps blood throughout the body.

Blood is made up of red and white blood cells. The white cells are constantly watchful for disease, fighting germs and infections that enter the body. Red blood cells deliver oxygen to the body and remove waste. Kabbalistically, any form of disease is considered judgment. The elimination of disease, according to Kabbalah, is mercy. The white blood cells are Mercy, eliminating disease and Judgment from the red blood cells.

A rose, the Zohar tells us, also conveys judgment and mercy - indicated by white- and -red-colored roses, and by their thorns and sweet scent. Their thorns represent judgment, and their fragrance represents mercy.

Fundamentally important to the reader are the healing forces that radiate from these ancient mysteries: Our blood is purified, removing harmful germs and infections by virtue of our meditative reading. Blood clots and other blood-related ailments are healed. Physically, wine is a rich dietary source of flavinoid phenolics, which are effective antioxidants. Antioxidants combat atherosclerosis, or clogging of the arteries. The alcohol in wine alters blood lipid levels by lowering total cholesterol and raising high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, which retard and even reverse the formation of cholesterol plaque in the arteries. These effects are merely minute physical manifestations of wine's spiritual power.

Thus, as we now drink from the cup of wine with our eyes , its blessings are aroused. Light, which is drawn from Binah, purges the fury and vengeance that burns in our heart. Anger hardens our heart and clogs our arteries. Now that it is soothed and gladdened, our arteries are unblocked and cleared, and cholesterol is lowered. Our hearts become filled with loving-kindness and mercy, strengthening this vital organ while cleansing our blood of viral and bacterial toxins, wastes, and microbial poisons.

Our sins are the source of all illness. And we learn from the Zohar that "at whatever level a man sins before the Holy One, blessed be He, he must make amends in his soul at that same level." The Light now drawn from Pinchas remedies our sins, past and present, measure for measure, engendering healing and the final restoration.

We invoke the essence of the angel Metatron, who embodies the restoration of youth and immortality, which, according to the Zohar, occurs through the "ILLUMINATION OF CHOCHMAH, WHICH IS DRAWN FROM BINAH." Thus, the verses that speak the mysteries of Metatron reverse the aging process and the decline of physiological function. Cells are reverted back to their embryonic state - a stem cell - where they are now purified and free to repopulate and regenerate the human body, eternally.

Medical science today acknowledges what the Zohar revealed long ago - stem cells perform what have been called "acts of biological resurrection." The immortal telomerase enzyme causes cells to divide indefinitely, instead of dying. The spiritual essence of telomerase flourishes in our normal healthy cells, while vanishing from tumor cells.

"The Cypress trees are her house," we are told, indicates the middle point between Chesed and Gvurah which are Mercy and Judgment, respectively. Abraham's daughter sits among the Cypress trees. She is pious, having performed deeds of loving-kindness. Accordingly, through this passage we are infused with loving -kindness and Light from Chochmah and Binah, creating balance between judgment and mercy, our white and red blood cells, and our heart and our soul. This mitigates judgment and halts disease.