Pinchas: Chapter 13

"For the wind passes over it, and it is not"


Rabbi Aba, Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya discuss the title verse, and we learn that "the wind" is the concealed and holy spirit that is hidden from everyone; this is the secret of Enoch who became Metatron.


Here we are renewed in spirit and body. The life force grows strong within us and we are rejuvenated and made young again by the regenerative Light of Binah.

Those who have difficulty bearing children are hereby protected from the evil angel called Anger. They become unrecognizable to this negative entity, in the act of reading this passage. The angel called Anger is disoriented, causing him to pass over us and this world, forevermore, as he wanders into oblivion. Those who are barren are made fertile, indeed becoming fruitful child bearers.

Anger, the basis of illness, is banished from our being. Our bones, sinews, and flesh are healed and rejuvenated. We are enveloped in a field of energy that protects us from the negativity and destructive forces in our environment. We attract Righteous souls into our lives, instead of negative people who constantly loot us of Light.

[Verse 86] Moses tells Rabbi Shimon that this explanation is incomplete because it doesn't say what "passes over it" means. Rabbi Shimon says this refers to Anger, and that the verse is to be applied to one who dies childless. Such a person must achieve a change of place, a change of name and a change of action. Because his countenance is so changed, the evil angel whose name is Anger will pass him over because he will not be recognizable. Rabbi Shimon advises anyone who lives in a city where he is unable to keep the commandments and where he is not studying the Torah successfully to move to a place where he can replant himself among good people, sages of the Torah. Lastly we are reminded that the most important thing is not talking about the Torah but performing its precepts.