Pinchas: Chapter 18

Three craftsmen: heaven, earth and water


Rabbi Aba says that a person is made by the partnership between his father, his mother and God. He then refers to the three craftsmen made by God - the heaven, the earth and the water -with whom He produced the world. When these three were finished, God commanded them to produce the body of man, and He provided the soul. When a person rejoices, he is rejoicing with his parents, even though they may already have passed to the World to Come, and also with God.


Water is the lifeblood of man and this planet. We are born in water inside the womb of our mother, and water is our primary substance, comprising over 65% of our body. The cleansing and healing power of water flows to us and washes away the stains on our souls, the seeds of all sickness.

The nurturing influences of our father and mother and our supernal Creator fill us with well-being and with the primordial energy of Creation. The life force within us intensifies.

We have learned that when we rejoice in this world, our parents in the next world rejoice with us if our hearts are filled with love for the Creator. However, when we experience distress, our parents are not informed. The words that speak these spiritual truths eliminate distress from our lives and our world so that only joy and celebration fill all existence.