Pinchas: Chapter 2

"The companions hearken for your voice"


Rabbi Shimon tells us that everyone who studies the Torah at night is strengthened by the Shechinah, and this is even more true of those who guard the covenant. He says that Yisrael would have been destroyed had Pinchas not killed Cozbi and Zimri, but his act appeased God's anger. Lastly we hear that if a person reincarnates the second time without improving his soul he has betrayed God's truth.


The Shechinah protects us and fortifies the immune system, personally and globally. Its presence removes airborne diseases from our planet and purges from our bodies the negative forces that cause ailments. For this reason, the Righteous souls of antiquity and present day devote time and energy to Torah study after the stroke of midnight. Their cumulative efforts are now ignited so that Earth and all its inhabitants may possess the divine presence called Shechinah. Diseases are decimated by the healing Light that shines here, while the collective immune system of humanity is bolstered, forever protecting us from the scourge of illness.

The energy arising through Pinchas's action abolishes all sentences of death and disease decreed against us. This energy cleanses away the negative residue created by sexual misdeeds and corruption. Although we may not merit such mercy, our appreciation of the Zohar's power and of Rabbi Shimon's might assures complete nullification.

Finally, our efforts to share all that we now receive with friends and foes, secures for us spiritual change and growth. Thus, we have not, and shall not ever, betray "the truth of the King."