Pinchas: Chapter 20

"Behold, I give to him My covenant of peace"


We learn about two alphabets, the large letters belonging to the World to Come and the small letters belonging to this world. As the Yud was added to the name of Pinchas the explanation becomes clear that God asked Moses to give His Shechinah to Pinchas. Next we realize that the shade of the departed Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair has been with the rabbis in their discussions, for he had spoken of those same matters while he was still alive.


The Light of Binah - signified by the large letters of the alphabet - denotes the next world of immortality, paradise, and joy. This great Light shines forth the moment we meditate upon the alphabet depicted in this mystical text. Hence, the next world now becomes our world, for darkness and death cannot prevail in the presence of Binah's Light.

A person bearing a single candle can provide illumination to his friend without diminishing his own light. Similarly, the awesome spiritual Light awarded to Moses and Pinchas by virtue of their mighty spiritual deeds, now shines upon us. In addition, the Light we generate through our own visual connection is shared with all mankind. This natural and wondrous effect extends to everyone who embraces this book. Hence, spiritual Light expands exponentially in the world, extinguishing the darkness and death that have cursed our existence far too long.

Finally, the secrets of the Torah, revealed by the sages all through time, are revealed everywhere as these holy men revisit our realm to unleash this hidden Light to all mankind.