Pinchas: Chapter 21

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your strength"


Rabbi Aba says that righteous men draw their strength from the power of God when they undertake to do His will. By awakening ourselves we awaken the holy and divine power, thus shattering any power that the Other Side may have had over us. Rabbi Aba tells us that the strength that includes deed and speech and knowledge and wisdom does not exist at all in Sheol. We hear that all men actually go to Sheol, but the righteous rise up again immediately, having gone there to bring up with them anyone who considered repentance but was unable to repent before he died.


Reading these verses with great passion and effort is akin to performing spiritual deeds (the will of our Master) in this world with great strength. Correspondingly, Satan and the dark side of our nature are shattered by the force of the Creator, liberating us eternally from their influence. All of our own sins are cleansed by virtue of the Righteous so that none of us face the fate of Hell. Sheol, one of Hell's levels, is condemned and shut down permanently. But a moment before this occurs, the repenting wicked residing down there ascend out of this dimension through the virtue of the Righteous and our own efforts extended here.

In verse 134, the Zohar text says: His verdict of seventy years is torn up. This verse means that a man's judgments are abolished from his life. Here guilty verdicts procured against us in the Upper Worlds are torn up. Judgments are repealed, for us and for all mankind.