Pinchas: Chapter 22

"Your eyes like the pools in Cheshbon"


Rabbi Yosi is prompted by the shade is this correct? of Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair to remember the esoteric explanation of the accounting of the numerical values of letters.


Both science and Kabbalah understand that mathematical numbers are interwoven into the fabric of reality. Moreover, letters and their alphabetic structure are also an integral part of reality. For instance, the DNA in our cells consist of four chemical letters - A, T, C, and G - which refer to four different nucleotides. These four nucleotides combine to create 20 amino acids, which produce the "words" and "sentences" composing the genetic code of every individual. This alphabetic structure extends to all physical matter. Just as letters combine to form words, atoms combine to create more complicated structures such as molecules. Just as words combine to form sentences, molecules combine to create various kinds of matter.

Here we connect to the metaphysical DNA level of reality - the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. We link up with the dimension of Chochmah and Binah causing sparkling pools of Light to fill our existence. The concept of counting, according to Kabbalah, indicates control. Thus, here we attain control over the stars and planets, altering our fate to secure an immediate and sweet Final Redemption.