Pinchas: Chapter 25

Why Yisrael is in more trouble than other nations


We are told that Yisrael is the heart of the whole world, and the heart is the only part of the body that knows pain and trouble because it incorporates existence and intelligence. Thus it is the only part that is close to God at all.


The Light of healing flows to our heart and to the entire cardiovascular system. Moreover, this Light warms and heals our spiritual heart, transforming us into kind, compassionate, and loving people. The Light energy generated here is the lifeblood of humanity. And just as the heart furnishes the body with blood, this Light flows to the collective body of man - the nations of the world - nourishing their souls with divinity to melt away the barriers of religious and social intolerance. The suffering and pain endured by the heart ceases, replaced with gladness and joy. And the knowledge of the Creator permeates the land, bringing peace and love to all civilization.