Pinchas: Chapter 26

Why the people of Yisrael, who do not partake of animals found dead or not ritually slaughtered, are weak


Elijah teaches that the heart takes for its nourishment only the clearest and purest of the blood, and this food is softer and weaker than the rest of the food.


The purifying influences emitted here cleanse our blood of toxins and poisons. Vital salts are balanced. Fat, cholesterol, and wastes are extracted from the blood. Ailments of the heart and blood are treated and remedied by the Light. Afflictions of the skin are healed. The spiritual roots of all heart and blood ailments are exterminated. These are the personal physical effects achieved here.

Globally, toxins and poisons in the air and in our foods are extracted from our environment. Spiritually, the bonds among peoples of all faith are unblocked and cleared. Hatred, bigotry, and intolerance are purged out of the metaphysical arteries that interconnect the people of the world. Light and love are free to flow, harmonize, and regenerate the collective body of civilization.