Pinchas: Chapter 37

The Chariot of Metatron


We hear the esoteric explanation of the chariot below Zeir Anpin, that is Metatron, who is also known as the small man. This includes a description of the great and powerful flow of the waters of Chochmah that run from the sea of Torah, and from which three of the four rabbis were unable to emerge in peace. Lastly, it is shown how the first nine letters of the alphabet correspond to the nine Sfirot.


Much supernal wisdom is distilled here. The forces of judgment that reside in water (which gives water the potential to destroy through flood or drowning) are extracted from this sacred liquid. Water, the lifeblood of Earth and humanity, is now restored to its original state of healing and rejuvenation.

The spiritual influences of water arise to cleanse, purify, and renew us. The name of Metatron arouses immortality and reversal of the aging process, for Metatron embodies eternal youth. Thus, the waters in our cells are purified, causing our cells to regenerate and flourish.