Pinchas: Chapter 44

"The one lamb you shall offer in the morning"


The sages taught that one should not pry into the secrets of God or mysteries of the world, and so the secrets of the Torah must be kept covered up and hidden from the wicked and the ignorant. We are reminded of the role and importance of Scripture, Mishnah, Talmud and Kabbalah.


The potent mystical wisdom of the Zohar is shielded from the eyes of the wicked who only seek to use these spiritual forces for negative purposes. Thus, any traces of wickedness are purged from our hearts so that we may always merit closeness to this deep well of wisdom. The mystical Light that is cast from these verses overwhelms and cleanses the negative energy created by those who propagate evil, immorality, and sexual perversion in the world.

In verse 246, the Zohar states: "Happy are the organs that are sanctified at the time of intercourse, for they are called 'the wood of the burnt offering'" These words project Light that heals our sexual reproductive organs, imbuing them with divine blessing. Ailments associated with Sexual Dysfunction afflicting both males and females such as Impotence and Inhibited Desire Disorder are remedied here. Our consciousness is raised, deepening our understanding of the great spiritual potential that sexual relations offer us. The Zohar's reference to the importance and role of Scripture, Mishnah, Talmud, and Kabbalah concerns the building of a Vessel (Female Waters) that can receive and hold the Light of the Creator. Thus, this passage constructs a Vessel so that Divine Energy fills us and all Creation with boundless Light.