Pinchas: Chapter 45

The Chariot of Ezekiel


The Faithful Shepherd tells us about Ezekiel's ten visions of Metatron, and we hear a good deal about the meaning of the color blue and why it is so important in the Tzitzit and the Talit. Through the sacred numerical meaning of many words and letters we are led through an explanation of the throne and the sapphire stone and the six steps and the four beasts and the four faces. We are told that Metatron includes all the stages downwards from above and upwards from below.


The Zohar's description of Ezekiel's vision lifts our soul into the warm, protective embrace of the Shechinah (the Divine Presence), revealing the full splendor of Light that shines from the Ten Sfirot. The Angelic name of Metatron, we are told, conceals the Hebrew word for life (CHET YOD חי, pronounced "Chai" in English), whose numerical value is eighteen. The number 18 is achieved through the two Hebrew letters TETט ("t" in English) that appear in the name Metatron. The Hebrew letter TET has the numerical value of nine. Thus, the two TETs = eighteen (nine + nine =eighteen).

Moreover, Metatron, as we have learned in earlier passages, embodies the concept of the restoration of youth and immortality. Thus, the power of life, of immortality, and the reversal of the aging process permeates the cells and soul of our body. This indestructible life-force flows to us from the Sfirah (dimension) of Yesod. As it fills our material realm, the Angel of Death and the forces of chaos are vanquished from existence.

In verse 250, it is said that a mighty, wise, and rich man is one who has the might to overcome his ego, who is spiritually wise, and who is rich with the tools that are needed to triumph over his negative side. Accordingly, Kabbalistic might, wisdom, and wealth are bestowed upon us in great measure, ensuring answers to all our prayers for peace, prosperity, and eternal happiness.

The Zohar goes on to explain in verse 252 that Malchut - our world - is signified by the color blue, as is Metatron, and it corresponds to the ultimate objective - the perfection of all Creation. This heavenly blue flame now washes over all existence as the final perfection is consummated by the very eyes that pour over these supernal verses.

We also learn that this cosmic blue color correlates to "the blue flame in a burning candle, which consumes the fatty parts of the burnt offerings." Hence, the fires of the ancient sacrifices are lit and set aflame in this passage as well. The healing Light associated with heart disease shines forth. Deadly fats that obstruct the arteries are burned away. Our blood is purified. Anger and other negative emotions are extracted from our hearts and liver. As with all passages of the Zohar, we can also meditate to share this healing blue flame with all those who suffer cardiovascular and liver ailments. Our action of sharing burns away all the negative and evil forces from the world, clearing the way for the ultimate healing of humanity.

Moreover, Yisrael corresponds to the human heart, while the other nations of the world correspond to the human anatomy. Thus, the spiritual arteries - the relationships between Yisrael and all nations - are enriched as negative blockages and points of conflict are eradicated, creating the opening for world peace and global harmony.

Verse 253 associates the color blue with the sapphire stone. Whoever "inherits this stone," the Zohar states, is protected from the fires of Hell. This protection is now bestowed upon us. The fires of Hell are eternally extinguished by the power of the blue Light and our remorseful reading of these verses.

Meditating upon verses 254 and 255 shields us from negative beings who dwell in other worlds and from the flames ablaze in Hell. The 248 parts of our body and soul receive the Light of Healing that shines from the prayer known as the Sh'ma Yisrael. Moreover, a great secret concerning the Tetragrammaton (Yud Hei Vav Hei) and Adonai is revealed. It is stated that: THE YUD HEI VAV HEI IS THE SECRET OF WHITE, WHILE ADONAI IS THE SECRET OF BLUE, THUS COMBINING Mercy and Judgment.

When one reads the Tetragrammaton, one actually utters the word Adonai. This indicates a union between the Upper World of Mercy (Yud Hei Vav Hei) and the Lower World of Judgment (Adonai) יאהדונהי. In accordance, we now mitigate the force of Judgment in the world through the sweet scent of Mercy, thereby eliminating harsh decrees.

In verse 256, the power of the 72 Names is ignited along with the power of life and immortality, signified by the number 18 (which is the value of the Hebrew word Chai חי which means life).

The 72 Names now release 72 different spiritual influences into the world, among them: ( The power of mind over matter יבמ. ( The annihilation of death נית. ( The creation of order out of chaos האא. ( Unconditional love for our fellow man ייז. ( The strength of consciousness and certainty so that we do not doubt or become skeptical of all these benefits. ערי.

Verse 257 again speaks of the angel known as Metatron and the Sfirah of Yesod. Through these words, the aging process is arrested, as the concept and truth of immortality and eternal youth is emblazoned into our consciousness. The complete revelation of Light that accompanies the observance of the 613 observances and the spiritual perfection they help us attain shines brightly here. In the remaining segments of this passage, many deep mysteries are expounded upon. The number 13 is mentioned. The numerical value for the Hebrew word for one (אחד echad) is thirteen. The numerical value for the Hebrew word for love (אהבה ahava) is also thirteen. And thirteen is the numerical value for the Hebrew word for to care (דאגה deaga). Thus, we learn from the Zohar that if one really cares for another person, then he will unconditionally love that person and then they are one! This wonderful but simple spiritual insight engenders love and unity among all human beings.

The number 32 spoken of in the Zohar signifies the 22 Hebrew letters and the ten Sfirot. And 45 refers to Adam, our root and source. Thus, the full spiritual power of the letters and the entire spectrum of Light that shines through the Sfirot lights up our soul and all mankind. All of these magnificent, awe-inspiring benefits are common features of the age of the Messiah, which now dawns before our eyes (appropriately through the power of our eyes) as we allow them to pore over the holy words inscribed on these pages.