Pinchas: Chapter 46

The four Klipot surrounding the four living creatures


The Faithful Shepherd tells us about the Klipot (negative blockages) that surround the four beasts of Metatron, saying that they are "formless" and "void" and "thin" and "the deep." He compares the milling of wheat (to remove the bran) with the Halachah that refines Torah matters and provides food for the soul. He talks about the four archangels who control man's four good elements: water, fire, wind and earth, and the four Klipot: sin, destruction, anger and wrath. When these Klipot move away from man the Tree of Life takes control of him. In every part of the body is found water, the firmament, the spirit and the earth, and all the parts of the body are open to welcome the spirit. Were the spirit not to blow in the heart, the fire in the heart would burn up the whole body.


We are now connected to the Tree of Life reality, the realm known as Zeir Anpin, which banishes all the Klipot from our being. Our bodies and souls are refined and made clean through the power of the Torah's precepts. The Light of Immortality is set aflame forever nourishing and rejuvenating our hearts and brains and the entire spiritual and corporeal essence of a man.

In verses 267-269 our lungs and heart are healed of illnesses. Through the merit and might of Elijah the Prophet and King David's psalms, we subjugate the negative influences ('A Storm Wind'). These 'Storm Winds' are the ultimate cause behind all sickness, anger, fury, rage and wrath, and they are purged from our hearts and minds. This ensures our connection to 'heaven,' the Light of the Tree of Life, and the perfection that this realm embodies. David's psalms, we are told, "amount to the 72 countenances, THAT IS 72 LIGHTS." Here the Light influences the physiology of the body and our heart rate. The 72 'Lights' correspond to the medically accepted average heart rate of 72 beats per minute which engenders cardiovascular efficiency and, in turn, good health. Sin, destruction, anger and wrath are purged from our hearts and the entire world.

72 also correlates to the 72 Nations. Our reading of this section sends Light from Israel to all mankind, specifically the Arab Nations (Ishmael) and the Christians (Edom), engendering goodwill, peace and brotherly love between the children of Israel and their Arab and Christian brothers. In turn, this action strengthens our own heart (Israel) and heals our entire body (72 Nations) for each of us is a microcosm of civilization.

Verse 270 purges the death force from our body and banishes the Angel of Death from the world through the merit of the angels, Michael, Gavriel, Nuriel, and Refael.

Verse 271 states: Immediately, when these FOUR Klipot move away from man, the Tree of Life takes control over him with 72 countenances OF THE ILLUMINATION OF MALCHUT, Here our heart is healed and strengthened while anxiety and anger are eliminated from our being.

In verse 275 we find the following statement: WERE IT NOT FOR THE CENTRAL COLUMN WHICH IS CALLED 'WIND,' UNITING THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT WITH EACH OTHER, THE JUDGMENT OF THE LEFT SIDE, WHICH IS THE SECRET OF THE FIRE THAT IS IN THE HEART, WOULD BURN UP THE WHOLE BODY. The Central Column refers to our divine trait of free will which we utilize to resist 'The Left Side,' our reactive, self-destructive emotions. Herein lies the fundamental secret to good health and longevity. These negative, rash and reflexive emotions, according to both medical-science and Kabbalah, cause numerous physiological changes that affect each and every cell of the body. These changes are measurable in the nervous system, hormonal system, heart and blood pressure. The Light of this passage strengthens our free will and gives us absolute control over the negative Left Side and all of its self-destructive desires. We achieve balance, harmony, healing and ultimately, good health.