Pinchas: Chapter 48

The reading of Sh'ma, Tzitzit (fringes), Tefilin and the straps


The sages taught that the reading of Sh'ma twice daily is as good as meditating day and night. The Faithful Shepherd goes over the meaning of the number of knots in the Talit, the four passages and the knots in the Tefilin and the length and winding of the straps. We learn that God and His Shechinah are the voice and speech of every angel, and that they are in every voice and speech of Torah, and in every voice of prayer and every single precept, and in every place of God's rule in the upper and lower worlds.


This section of Zohar is technical in nature and describes the metaphysical wiring, circuitry, and instructions underlying various prayers and rituals such as the reading of Sh'ma, the Talit, the undergarment known as Tzitzit, and the Tefilin, which are phylacteries that are worn on the head and wrapped around the left arm of a man during morning prayers.

The immeasurable spiritual power generated by these practices ignites in this potent passage to correct all the world and to link humanity to the Upper World forevermore. A few insights are worth mentioning. The name of Metatron brings revitalization and the energy of immortality to our world. The 72 Names imbue us with the power of Mind over Matter. The Light of the Shechinah bolsters our immune system, protecting us and the world from all forms of diseases. The energy of the Sh'ma shines healing Light onto the 248 parts of the body and soul. The power of the Tefilin ignites, and it now arrests absolutely the selfish Desire to Receive for the Self Alone in the souls of all men.