Pinchas: Chapter 63

The scapegoat, the liver and the heart


The Faithful Shepherd explains how the goat bears all of Yisrael's iniquities.


The humility embodied by King David rises in our hearts. All of our iniquities are abolished, for this passage serves as the very scapegoat that absolves us of sin.

Through the Light of verse 378, Satan/Samael and Lilit are battered, broken, and banished from our existence. In turn, our hearts and arteries receive the Light of healing, and our livers successfully extract the poisons, toxins, and fats from our system. This cleansing occurs globally as well. The sins of man are cleansed by the "scapegoat." The world's heart, Yisrael, and the nations of the world are healed as peace and loving kindness permeate our planet.

[Verse 379] Rabbi Pinchas reiterates the information about the role of Samael, the liver. We also hear about the humility of David.