Pinchas: Chapter 67

The rose, part two


The eagle returns, drops a rose to the rabbis, and again flies away. Rabbi Pinchas says that God sent them this rose through the agency of the eagle as testimony to the Work of Creation. He explains the meaning to be derived from the parts of the rose.


The Zohar speaks of the thirteen petals on the rose. There are also thirteen Attributes of Mercy which signify the concept of miracles and wonders. In addition, thirteen denotes one more than twelve, indicating our ascension over the influences of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Our reading ignites all this power in our lives helping us receive the miracles we truly need. Sickness and judgment decreed to us by the planets and stars are mitigated. Moreover, miracles now become the norm, a natural part of our existence instead of a scarce and infrequent phenomenon.

We learn that the five strong leaves of the rose correspond to the fifty Gates of Binah. The fifty gates pertain to the path of spirituality leading directly to the reality of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a realm of perfect, flawless order. It is the source of our joy, our pleasure, our fulfillment, and our well-being. All the wisdom of the world resides in this realm. When intuition leads us to good fortune, we have made contact with this dimension. When our immune system wards off disease, we are linked to the Tree of Life. When a miracle occurs, it flows from the Tree of Life reality. This is our ultimate objective, and we attain it now, through the very words that expound upon these mysteries.

The rose also connects to the Sh'ma Yisrael prayer. The Sh'ma's first five words signify the five strong pedals. The last word of the Sh'ma is echad, which means one. This corresponds to the one stem that holds the entire rose, and to the one Creator that holds all Creation. The Hebrew word echad has a numerical value of thirteen, just the same way that the one rose has thirteen pedals. Thus, the entire rose is encapsulated inside the Sh'ma.

Therefore, the Sh'ma also emits the power of the thirteen Attributes, which are miracles and wonders; as well as the fifty Gates of Binah, which are the Tree of Life reality. All of this splendid Light cast through the Sh'ma shines upon us now, healing and regenerating the 248 parts of the body and soul and bringing forth our ultimate and final unification with the Light of the Creator.

Finally, verse 398 states that Yisrael is: "Like the rose among the thorns..." When the rose is closed, no fragrance is emitted. When it opens, the rose radiates a sweet fragrance. One is then impelled to take the rose out from among the thorns to inhale its aroma and behold its beauty.

When Yisrael, including all those who embrace the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah, opens its heart and shares the Light, all the nations of the world will be inspired to inhale the sweet scent of spirituality and elevate Yisrael to its proper place. Yisrael and all mankind will ascend out of the thorns of judgment, and all the world will behold the beauty of the rose - that is, the Light of the Creator.

In accordance with these spiritual insights, these verses of Zohar open our hearts to emit a sweet aroma from our soul. We are forever lifted from out of the thorns (judgment).