Pinchas: Chapter 8

From Rosh Hashanah to the last day of Sukkot


Rabbi Elazar explains to Rabbi Chiya the significance of the days mentioned in the title of this section. We hear that it has to do with the order in which God lifts up his right arm and extends it to embrace Malchut and unite with her. It includes the purification and fasting that the children of Yisrael do at this time.


This passage expounds upon the deep secrets underlying the days between Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. The words of Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Elazar ignite the unification and cleansing powers of these cosmic instruments.

These spiritual influences uproot all immoral qualities from our nature in a merciful, softhearted fashion. They cleanse all the iniquities of humanity, our sins, and our misdeeds, purifying and preparing us for union with the Light of Creator. Judgments are overturned. Sentences are repealed. The Right, Left, and Central Columns are balanced and perfected. All the worlds are refined and corrected.

And because the Zohar is above time and place, outside the laws of physics; because this mystical tome deals with the mysteries of the soul and the secrets of secrets, the effect and results are all-embracing - universal, macrocosmic, and in the Now. Our actions here are the ultimate atonement, bringing forth our Final Redemption and unification with the Light, thanks to the righteousness and power of the rabbis cited throughout this ancient holy book.