Trumah: Chapter 11

"a bed, and a table, and a chair, and a lamp"


The section opens with the verse, "Behold now, I perceive that this is a holy man of Elohim, who passes us by continually. Let us make a little upper chamber'" Employing the lyrical language of metaphor, this is a reference to the upper world, Zeir Anpin, who continually sanctifies above as He sanctifies us below. We learn how we perfect Him for His gratification with our order of songs and praises, and with prayer. The "bed" is in the order of the Evening Prayer and its perfection. The "table" is in the order of the offerings, songs and prayers of the morning. The "chair" is the order of the prayer recited while sitting, and the unity we strive to perfect. The blessings that we recite are the "lamp." Next, we are told how these things were supplied and perfected by Jacob, by King David, by Abraham and by Isaac. Holy people who constantly wish to prepare before the upper world, we finally learn, should therefore recite 'a bed, a table, a chair' and 'a lamp,' so that there might be perfection daily, both above and below.


To partake of water, a man requires a vessel, or cup, to hold the fluid while he drinks. In like fashion, Light needs a vessel before it can express itself in our physical domain. Therein lies one purpose of the Daily Prayers.

The words of wisdom set forth below expound upon the construction of a Vessel (prayer) so that Light and blessing may be received in our world. Thus, this knowledge perfects and prepares our own souls and the global vessel so that we, and all mankind, may be the recipients of Divine Light. This effect is now achieved through the lofty spiritual influence of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and King David, whose names channel the energy that brings preparation and perfection to our souls.