Trumah: Chapter 13

"That they bring Me an offering"


Frequently in the Zohar, the Rabbis seem to be reinterpreting one verse, "That they bring Me an offering," Again, Rabbi Hamnuna Saba (the elder) opens the discussion on this topic, speaking of the union of Zeir Anpin with Malchut, and of their mutual agreement to offer Malchut a chance to dwell among the children of Yisrael. Malchut is thus the offering spoken of earlier. Rabbi Yeba Saba (the elder) says that even though they take Her, they can only take Her with the permission and approval of Her husband. It is necessary to perform for Him a service of love, and then with His love, "take My offering." This is what happens during the service of prayer. The explanation is followed by a listing of the holy days and of the gifts that accompany each of them. These gifts are gold and silver, and brass, and blue, and purple, and scarlet. After this is the secret of the ten days of Atonement, and their special gifts. And so Malchut is taken and established in her place among those living on earth.


During the High Holy Days, specifically between Rosh Hashanah (gold) and Yom Kippur (silver), the dimension of Malchut climbs into the realm of Keter, the highest level of the spiritual atmosphere. Hence, Kabbalistically, atonement signifies not repentance, but rather "at-one- ment," which is union and oneness between the upper and lower worlds. As we acknowledge and uproot our negative traits (the true meaning of "sacrifice" or "offering") and cleanse our souls, we rise to higher spiritual heights. Our sins (scarlet colored) are purified so that we become "white as snow."

This passage ignites the cleansing power of the Ten Days of Atonement right now. This power eradicates all immoral qualities from our nature. It cleanses all the iniquities of humanity, making our souls as white as snow.

In the physical world, this cleansing occurs each and every year during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. But because the Zohar is above time and place, above physicality, because this mystical tome deals with the mysteries of the soul and the secrets of secrets, the effect and results are sweeping - universal, macrocosmic, and in the now.

Our actions here are the ultimate atonement and Final Redemption for human civilization, thanks to the righteousness and power of the rabbis cited here and throughout the Zohar.