Trumah: Chapter 20

"Sing to Hashem a new song"


"Sing to the Creatora new song; for He has done marvelous things." It is said that the milk cows transporting the Ark rose to recite this praise. And in the higher realm the living creatures that carry the throne to raise it above also recite this praise. We read that it is called a 'new' song for each renewal of the new moon when it illuminates from the sun. They praised Him with this praise when they carried the Ark and were going up to Bet Shemesh, the sun, and the elevation of the throne to ascend above is on Shabbat.


Here we understand that the power of the Ark and the effulgent Light that it emits has imbued senseless creatures, milk cows, with the ability to rise above their inborn nature and sing praise to the Creator. Clearly all possibilities exist within the infinite realm of the Light. As such, this wisdom uplifts us above our own base nature so that we now recognize and embody the Divinity imbued into this seemingly chaotic world.