Trumah: Chapter 23

"But be not You, Hashem, far from me"


We read how when King David was arranging the praise of the King he included "But be not You, the Creator, far from me, my Strength, haste You to help me." This is because when Malchut ascends to become adorned with Zeir Anpin, it is in the upper world and from there it is necessary to elevate it to infinity in order that it should all be bound together high above. During the order of praise, the children of Yisrael do not permit Malchut to ascend from them. We read that the Holy One ascends higher and higher to infinity, but immediately returns to His place because the children of Yisrael below are joined with Him. It is necessary to join with the Holy One and hold onto Him so that no person is forsaken by Him even for one moment. Now Rabbi Elazar says to his father, Rabbi Shimon, that they must leave the Garden of Eden and travel in the ways of the guards of the Tree of Life; he asks his father to prepare the way.


The upper and lower realms are linked so that blessings may now flow to us unobstructed. A constant connection to the Light is attained through the energy arising here, which acts as an umbilical cord, so that in these, our darkest days, we may call down the Light to illumine our way and end pain, suffering, and evil.