Trumah: Chapter 24

"Gold, and silver, and brass"


This long and difficult section contains a myriad of details explaining the meaning of all the colors and objects referred to in "That they bring Me an offering..." It speaks of gold and silver and brass, blue and purple and scarlet, fine linen and goats' skins and rams' skins dyed red and badgers' skins, acacia wood, oil for the light, onyx stones and stones to be set. The passage goes on to emphasize the importance of the numbers 24 and 25 and 49, and then discusses the prayers which should be made standing and which lying down.


When we read of the many offerings that people made on the altars to the Holy One, we realize, by comparison, how little we are tempted to offer Him todayThis unwillingness is planted within us by Satan, for the truthful offerings and sacrifices are actually the negative traits and nefarious qualities implanted within us by the Other Side.

As we now offer our dishonorable traits upon the sacrificial altar, our sins are cleansed and judgments are annulled. The number 49 is spoken of signifying the Sfirah of Binah. From our perspective, here in Malchut (earth), Binah is the fountainhead of spiritual energy. Thus, our souls ascend to this lofty spiritual height to nourish ourselves and bring divinity and boundless mercy to this mundane level of existence.