Trumah: Chapter 3

"How great is Your goodness, which You have laid up"


Rabbi Yehuda opens the discussion by reciting this verse, "How great is your goodness, which You have laid up for those who fear You; which You have performed for those who trust in You in the sight of the sons of men!" He goes on to discuss the various levels and worlds and he reveals the code words that speak of their wondrous roles in the process of creation. For instance, there is the highest level, which is 'the secret of the higher world,' and is called "who;" then there is the lowest level, which is 'the secret of the lower world,' and is called "what." Although the Sfirah of Chochmah is connected to the lower world through the quality of Binah, it does not become revealed until it is completed here in Malchut, the earthly kingdom. The word "what" is "mah," we are told, which is contained in Chochmah.

Next, we learn that the foundation of the world is laid upon goodness that is distributed by God, and the Light that is concealed in this foundation is a testament to the goodness with which He crafted the whole world as well as the souls and spirits. The tabernacle was made with the same divine secret as the secret of the whole world - the image of the world above manifested in the world below. This, we are told, is Understanding manifested in the Kingdom.


We come to this earth for "what" we may learn, and in the University of this Universe, we study to grow, transform, and become perfected. This endeavor is the manner in which we express our Godly nature, and thus become (co)-creators of our wisdom and Light, which are purposely concealed in this realm. Our meditation here completes our own unique role in creation, the tasks that we have been sent into the world to perform in order to facilitate our personal transformation.

In addition, the vast mysteries of the Tabernacle are revealed here. By virtue of all this great energy, the tasks of all mankind are now completed and the final correction is achieved through the Light of the Zohar. World peace and immortality are now attained in a kind, compassionate, and merciful process.